Armed Forces Week, we salute you

Offering the general public the opportunity to pay homage to members of our military services, Armed Forces Week is a time to honour the work and self-sacrifice of those who fought for our country. Hosting honoury festivities, events are organised from the 21st June to the 27th June, with Reserves Day on the 23rd June and Armed Forces Day on the 26th June.

A joint celebration of all branches of Her Majesty's Armed Forces including the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, this special day acknowledges the debt we owe to those brave men and women who defend the United Kingdom, its overseas territories and Crown Dependencies. Celebrated by parades, marches, and displays from the Red Arrows, Armed Forces Day offers communities the opportunity to raise money and support veterans and the families of veterans, along with those who have suffered injuries and illnesses endured during their service in the British Armed Forces.

Flags are raised skyward in support of our heroes. Each year events are staged throughout the country, in our cities, towns and villages. Last year, due to the pandemic, no marches or celebrations were held. This year both virtual and in in-person events will go ahead. Visit to find out more about celebrations taking place close to your home. This day reminds us of the selfless work of our heroic servicemen and women serving across the world. In addition to active service men and women, Veterans, reservists, cadets, and their families are all honoured and the morale of our troops is boosted.

The Quanta Forces Training Team provides an award-winning service, on hand to help ex-armed forces members retrain and re-enter society through exciting new career opportunities. Quanta is honoured to lend ex-service members it's support, in offering personnel the chance to embrace an invigorating, new professional direction, preparing those with drive and ambition with the skills to invest in themselves. Providing access to enhanced learning experiences, a specialist training centre has been established in Worcester by Quanta, offering a wide range of courses along with networking opportunities to advise and help our loyal ex-service members return and reintegrate into society. Quanta advisors facilitate study programmes to help ex-servicemen and women to learn new skills, realise their potential and help them to access resettlement grants and the like.

So let's kick off these celebrations by paying tribute to all our serving and ex-servicemen and women, our national heroes and their families. Let's take two minutes out of our day to reflect on the losses some of them have suffered, the honour they deserve and the debt to them we can never repay


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