Projects, Programmes, and the Consultative Approach



For me, my job as a trainer is not just about the formal training. On our project and programme courses we’re often asked great, contextualised questions such as: “How will this work for me?” or “How can I make this work for my organisation?” Equally, I’ll hear the inevitable “that’s not what we call it!” or the apprehensive, “That won’t work for us.”


I’m very lucky in that I love my job. I love my job. However, as rewarding as it is to tell a group of delegates that they have all passed their formal qualifications (and the look of relief on their faces), there is something about helping people apply their learning that goes way beyond that.


So often people come away from our courses all fired up with lots of ideas for how to implement their learning to have someone comment “oh, been on a course have you?” Immediately, all of that fire is snuffed out. There are so many reasons why projects and programmes fail, and one of them is lack of business commitment to new learned approaches. Funnily, the commitment fails after the organisation sends staff to learn about that exact approach.


Best practice is something that every organisation strives for – the pursuit of ultimate optimisation. Equally, human beings don’t like change. It’s a strong reason behind the lack of business commitment, mentioned earlier. We’re quite happy living in our little bubble, doing things as we’ve always done, getting frustrated when things aren’t quite as effective as we think they should be. The effects of external forces (such as the pandemic) will hopefully encourage us to revaluate how we’ve always done things and feel more driven to create powerful change.


I want to help you on this journey to be the best. I want to help you understand any gaps in your team, and improvements that can be made to your current project and programme practices. Then I’m on hand to guide you through these improvements. A Project and Programme Management Consultancy approach is about so more than training. It puts your organisation on the road map from initial conversations through formal qualifications, bespoke training and practical workshops with ongoing support. It’s about a partnership between both of us to ensure that your team are getting the best from their learning, with guidance on putting it into practice.  


In case you can’t tell, I’m wholeheartedly committed to having conversations about project and programme management consultancy. So, if you’d like to have a chat at some point about how it could fit your team – why not get in touch?


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